Best Cold Weather Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot running is beginning to catch on as a popular activity. In fact, it has become wildly popular in the United States and even around the world. However, running barefoot in cold weather could potentially be a problem. To combat this, one must be able to chose the correct shoe to run in in the cold weather months. That is why there is a large selection of barefoot running shoes that can be worn in the winter months, and are very affordable.

Vibram Fivefingers Flow

First, before listing the numerous brands of shoes, let me first explain how barefoot running shoes actually work. Basically, the idea of the shoe is to allow your feet to naturally move when running. Sometimes running sneakers or racing flats inhibit your body’s natural movements, thus causing problems. To combat this, the shoe is designed to give minimal support, but high comfort. Obviously, running on cement can be painful to the soles of the feet. The shoes offer protection from rough running surfaces. A true barefoot runner has completely callused feet, which may gross some people out. With barefoot running shoes, this problem is usually nonexistent.

The first pair of shoes I would suggest is the Vibram Five Fingers Flow Multisport shoes. Designed and manufactured by Vibram itself, this shoe offers cold weather resistance and a natural toe movement design. Built with neoprene construction, the shoe actually molds around your foot for a natural, comfortable fit. The FiveFingers Flow Multisport also has, as its name states, five toe slots for added comfort and flexibility. In fact, it is recommended that runners only buy this shoe for cold weather because of the cold weather design. Running with these shoes in warmer climates is perfectly fine, but may lead to over-perspiration of the feet. For days where it is snowing or freezing rain is coming down, the razor slipping on the soles of the shoe prevent slipping and sliding when running.

A second pair of shoes I would highly suggest is the VivoBarefoot Evo II Cross Trainer Shoes. This shoe is widely known for two main components: its prevention of sore spots and calluses and its ability to keep the feet warm. Although it may be shaped and appear as a more traditional shoe, this shoe is lightweight (made from recycled rubber), but thick at the same time. It is also very economically friendly, starting at just $100.

Barefoot running is a widely spreading epidemic across the United States and even across the globe. Although for some running barefoot in cold weather can be a problem, hopefully you now have a better idea about barefoot running shoes and the many brands that you can select from.