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Best Barefoot Running Shoes

Merrell Pure Glove Barefoot Running Shoes

Merrell Pure Glove

The Merrell is a great running shoe that can be worn by men or women. It is at home on the trail, whether running or hiking, and it is very good for water sports. It is a featherweight weighing less than 5 ounces per shoe, the flexible rubber outsole and flexible midsole make it a good option for minimal footwear. The insole is removable for cleaning and also add a little support. These shoes are also putting some effort into being green, because they are made with recycled material and the glues are water based.

New Balance MT101

New Balance MT101

The New Balance MT101 does not look as minimal as some of the others reviewed here but it has some great features. New Balance designs all of its shoes to help you strike on the forefoot and midfoot of the sole and reduce heel-strike. All levels of runners will benefit from this shoe design, but it is especially good for the beginner barefoot runner. It features a high traction sole and moisture-wicking and antibacterial liners. New Balance always puts out a quality shoe and they have something for everyone. This shoe will not disappoint.

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

Vibram Five Fingers

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably seen or heard of the Vibram shoes. They are the most unique looking barefoot running shoes in the lineup. You may have to get used to the feel of the shoes since your toes are isolated, but the barefoot feel is worth it. The Sprint is a great model of shoe because it is the most versatile out of the Vibrams. You can use it is the water, at the gym, performing yoga, or just walking around the mall. Beware, if you wear them to the mall be prepared for strangers to ask you about them! I have enjoyed my pair a lot. I would recomend them to anyone, but not as your primary running shoe. I use mine about 75 percent of the time for outdoor activities and short runs.

Feelmax Kuusaa

Feelmax Kuusaa

A loved Finnish shoe, the Feelmax Kuusaa has been a hit since it has recently been imported. Each shoe weighs no more than 5 ounces, and fits like a glove on your foot. The sole have a great balance of flexibility but also thick enough to protect from the elements. This is a nice addition to your light shoe collection.

Nike Free 7.0

Nike Free 7.0

The Nike Free is a good looking shoe, and the nicest looking out of our lineup. The shoe does offer a little support, more than some of the other shoes we have reviewed. It is a good shoe for those who want to gradually start to run barefoot but have not made the switch yet. Nike rates their free series of shoes from 1 to 10 so this shoe being a 7 is a good beginners shoe to this minimal running lifestyle. You can not go wrong with Nike. The price is right too.

Asics Trail Running Shoes Reviews

Majority of the athletes and the runners are making use of asics trail running shoes. This is because the shoes are providing them with enough comfort and ease every time they are doing their daily activities. As a matter of fact, majority of the users were able to perform all their activities well because of the shoes that they are using. For them, it is important that they are comfortable with the shoe that they are using so that they will be able to accomplish all their activities for the day. Remember that the aspic trail running shoes is not just an ordinary shoe that can be bought in different market places.


With so many branded shoes that are available and can be bought in different shoe outlets, it is already quite difficult for the customers to choose which shoes will satisfy them and their needs. Perhaps, this is one reason why most of the buyers are very cautious and meticulous in choosing a shoe that will fit them. However, majority of the branded shoes are very expensive. With the aspic trail running shoes, there is an assurance that the user will be able to buy a shoe that is very affordable and at the same time accessible to use.

Before you buy a shoe, there are some things that you should consider first. It is important that you will be able to determine the quality of the shoes that you will be buying. Keep in mind that quality is one of the most important factors that you must consider every time you will be buying an item. Though, majority of the customers agreed that aspic trail running shoes is one of the best shoes that were created.

At the present time, there are so many companies that are producing different running shoes. With a lot of different styles and designs, the customers were provided with a variety of selections to choose from. The asics trail running shoes became popular because of the simple and unique styles and designs. They were able to meet the expectations of their customers. This is why the company was motivated and inspired to make more designs and styles that are distinctive.

For home buyers, they prefer to buy expensive running shoes that are branded. This is because they are aware that branded products are made with high and good quality materials. They do not know that there are some branded products that can be destroyed and thorn out easily. With the asics trail running shoes, every customer will be certain that they will not be wasting their money. As a matter of fact, the asics running shoes are not just accessible but affordable.

Choosing The Best Skirt For Running

In today’s society, women are as competitive in many aspects such as sports. Fitness enthusiasts have preferences on which clothes to choose even if it is a workout. Females would also want to put attitude in how they would look like aside from using jogging pants or shorts.

The Jog Skirt

Lady joggers would usually choose shorts or skirts because it allows better movement compared to jogging pants. They feel more refreshed and in control when running because they feel lighter with less fabric. In addition, there are certain pointers when choosing the right outfit when participating in sports activities.

Jogging is an activity that many participate in and it’s only natural to sweat more often especially during summer. In these times, being comfortable in your outfit is an important factor in your performance. Function is better than fashion but it would be best to combine the two when selecting sports apparel.

Similar to buying the best barefoot running shoes, people must give importance on their wardrobe. It should complement the type of activity that they will do to promote optimum performance.

However, some women appreciate the use of skirts rather than shorts. Reasons of this option include their thought of feeling more free and energized by wearing it.

Running skirts also have a brief lining attached to it to prevent bunching that causes discomfort in women. Furthermore, females are more attracted to wardrobe that has a touch of femininity to it. Pockets or wallets can be an added feature.

Fashion can also be incorporated to skirts. Other women use them because they appeal more to their sense of style and they feel more secure wearing them.

Nevertheless, women can use spandex shorts underneath the skirts if they want. It depends on their preference on what type of clothing to use.
You can also find skirts made from moisture wicking fabrics to help keep your skin dry when sweating. It is significant to buy things that are high in quality wherein it does not tear or fade easily. In maintaining the quality of the fabric, it is important to follow the guidelines of the apparel to avoid any damage.