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Shipping Items You Shouldn’t Deliver via Air Freight

As air freight, Perth offers quicker shipping time, most of the people choose this method to ship their urgent items so it can reach the destination faster. However, do you know that not all commodities can be shipped via air shipping? Some items are prohibited because they may cause damage or even endanger the plane and passengers’ safety.


Prohibited Items for Air Freight

Here are the lists of prohibited items that you shouldn’t ship by air freight Perth, including:

  • Gases, such as fire extinguisher, dry ice, compressed gas, respirator, aerosol, lamp bulb, and similar items.
  • Explosive items, such as fireworks, firecrackers, detonating fuses, and other explosive items.
  • Corrosive items, such as batteries
  • Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and flammable substances in contact with water, such as titanium powder, activated carbon, magnesium powder, rubber debris, and so on.
  • Flammable liquid, such as gasoline, alcohol, thinner, insect spray, paint, etc.
  • Magnetic substances, steel, and other products without proper packagings, such as magnet itself and currency detector.
  • Toxic and infectious items, such as pesticides and lithium batteries.
  • Radioactive and corrosive materials, such as lab medicine and lab chemicals
  • Dangerous items for public health, such as incinerated corpses or bones
  • Items with dangerous signs on the packaging
  • Biochemical products and infectious materials, such as medical waste, dangerous pathogens, or Bacillus anthracis.

Items except those mentioned or categorized above may be shipped via air freight. However, some states may require different restrictions according to their national laws to specific items. So, ensure always to find what can and cannot ship via air freight Perth.

Preparing the Shipping Items

Before shipping the items via air freight Perth in the shipping services, you need to ensure the items have been ready to be shipped. First, you need to measure the dimensions of your items. In this way, you can find the right package for it. The packaging of some items may require more attention.

For example, you should package items longer than 213 cm in a special packing to avoid flexing. There are also fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam inside the package to avoid it gets damaged during the shipment. Or, if you want to ship perishable items such as foods that need to be handled in 24 hours, ensure that the package is tight to avoid spoilage. You can put a special warning on the package so the employees will always remember when handling them.

Don’t hesitate to consult with the shipping service’s employee to get the maximum weight yet with cheaper cost. To price the items, they will be standardized to Unit Load Devices (ULD) which offers the best rates. ULDs has internal dimensions including 307 x 213 x 193 cm (length x width x height).

Simply ensure your shipping items aren’t violating the restrictions both conclude by the national and international law. Additionally, always ensure to pack the items properly so it can be safely shipped and arrived at the destination by using air freight Perth.